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Hey! I'm Nathan, Founder of Plumbing Navigator!

Thanks so much for visiting. People who know me sometimes ask, “how in the world did you get so interested in plumbing??” 

Being a web guy living in suburbs (who isn’t a tradesperson and drives his kids around in a Honda minivan)…it’s a fair question!

So here is a little story behind the story of why I built this plumbing site for you.

Trust me, I never would have guessed I would put so much time and effort into sharing plumbing tips with the world…but I love it!

Here is how this all started 7 years ago…


A Little Story About How I Caught the Plumbing Bug...

Years ago, I worked at a local marketing agency in Texas. My job was to help small businesses reach customers on the Internet. My very first client was a plumber.  Not very exciting to me at the time 🙁

Back then, the only thing I knew about plumbing was that I knew NOTHING about plumbing!

So I started asking the plumber questions. Lots of questions.

Soon I was learning about slab leaks, drain cleaning methods, and why you will get very different water heater recommendations from a licensed plumber vs. the big box retail employees.

Even though plumbing initially appeared a gross and boring subject to me from the outside, I got really fascinated after seeing it from the inside.  And then, something else shocked me…

plumbing tips

Tons of people were searching for plumbing help...

By helping that plumber reach more customers, I began to see just how many people were turning to the Internet to get their plumbing questions answered.

Just in that city alone, thousands of people were searching Google to find answers to common plumbing questions, read product reviews, and seek out good advice. And, it was my job to make sure they found it.

Fast forward, and all that investigative research paid off. After helping the plumber grow by 400% by providing helpful information to local homeowners, I also learned a ton about plumbing in the process. (And I haven’t stopped learning!)

As a homeowner myself, I still run into situations where online plumbing tips save me from an expensive call for help. And there are other times I want to know the best product to buy such as a new water heater, sink faucet, quiet dishwasher, or shower head. 

It’s helpful to receive an informed answer to plumbing questions without feeling any sales pressure or bias, and I knew other people felt the same way. 

So I built this website to help you navigate your plumbing questions!

This website is different for 3 reasons…

First, we aren’t a local plumbing company trying to generate service calls. (The goal is to empower you!) 

Second, we approach plumbing as fellow homeowners from a practical view. (No technical jargon!)

Third, we have spent SO MANY HOURS reading articles, watching videos, and picking the brains of professional plumbers to provide answers to various plumbing problems in one place. (Time saver!)

It’s from this vantage point that myself and our writers seek to provide “plumbing for the people.”

Thanks for reading!