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Plumbing Navigator’s mission is to guide homeowners through their DIY plumbing projects. Whether you’re troubleshooting a plumbing issue or researching a new purchase, we offer free advice and resources to help you answer your plumbing questions.

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For every plumbing problem, there's a solution.

No DIY project is a straight path. It’s often full of questions and at times, unexpected detours. Whether you have a casual plumbing question or are taking a deep dive to learn how your plumbing system truly works, you can depend on Plumbing Navigator to help.


Great Advice for Every Plumbing Problem



With DIY on the rise, homeowners want reliable information to tackle plumbing projects.


Save Time & Money

DIY isn’t always quick or easy. Our goal is actionable plumbing resources to save homeowners time & money.


Everyone Needs Help

Everyone has limitations. Some jobs require calling in the professional plumber for both safety and license.

Plumbing Nav Editorial Team

Meet Our in-House Writing Team

PlumbingNav.com works with some of the best people in the business. Their work is reviewed for quality by a third-party review team of plumbing experts.


Plumbing Nav Writing Team

Bruce Grabowski's headshot for plumbingnav authorship

Bruce Grabowski

Team Writer

Bruce has worked in the trades where his initial training came from an experienced union plumber. 

He has personally repaired & replaced a lot of common plumbing problems in homes, including leaking toilet seals, blocked pipes, P-traps, and more. 

He is also an accomplished writer, and actively writes for handyman-based services and also fields questions for journalists on all matters of home repairs. 

Nathan Sanders of plumbing navigator headshot

Nathan Sanders


Nathan has worked as a writer, editor, and publisher in the online media landscape for over 10 years.

His interest is in researching articles that are most helpful to homeowners and managing the content writing and publishing process from start to finish. He is behind the content strategy for multiple local service companies, including many plumbers. 

His goal is to support Plumbing Nav to become a leading resource for DIY plumbing on the web.

Patrick's headshot

Patrick Oliver

Web Publisher

Patrick manages the blog article publishing process at Plumbing Nav, ensuring edited content is formatted correctly and ready for live production.

A DIY’er at heart, he also enjoys tackling do-it-yourself projects related to home, cars, computers, and carpentry together with his wife and 2 kids.

Plumbing Nav Contributor Team

Meet Our Expert Contributors

Plumbing Navigator also works with experienced, trained, credentialed, and often licensed plumbing professionals. Contributors review individual articles to help ensure accuracy for our readership.


Plumbing Nav Expert Contributors

Zach's headshot as a licensed masters plumber on the expert contributor team.

Zach Padilla

Licensed Master Plumber

Ray's headshot while on the job as licensed master plumber.

Ray Chua

Master Plumber since 2011

Ray works as a licensed Master Plumber with 10+ years in both engineering and maintenance. 

He is knowledgeable in both commercial and residential properties. Ray is experienced installing metal and PVC pipes, fixtures, and other plumbing equipment. He is well-versed in plumbing codes, equipment, and all the tools.

Ray has field plumbing experience, and has also supported homeowners as a technical support agent for a plumbing fixtures company.

His experience & credentials include: 

  • Registered Master Plumber Since 2011
  • Corporate Resident Plumber
  • Engineering, Repair & Maintenance tech
  • Water Distribution Consultant
  • Freelance Home Service Plumber – Repair & Maintenance
  • Plumbing Technical Support 
  • 14 years Full-time Plumbing Volunteer  
  • DIY’er
Specialized Training
  • Pipeline design for Bulk Water
  • Multi-level Building Plumbing Plan Training
  • 40-hr Pollution Control Officer Training
  • Environmental Training

Aaron Nolan

Professional Handyman

Aaron has worked as a handyman all of his adult life, clocking over 20 years in the field.

He has encountered any and every home-related problem you can imagine.

Having owned and operated a property maintenance company, he has experience with a variety of plumbing repairs, and is also a formally trained as an electrician.

When not in the field, he enjoys writing for a variety of topics including home repair.

He is a proud single-father of 4, and loves to help others with their DIY home repairs.

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