How To Dissolve Toilet Paper Clog

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How to dissolve toilet paper clog in toilet

Wondering how to dissolve a toilet paper clog in the toilet? Isn’t that the point of a toilet – that “stuff” goes down the pipe and into the sewer without a second thought?

Usually, that’s the case. 

But even with the larger opening and wider pipe, a toilet can still get clogged. If you have kids, you know all about this. And toilet paper is one of the main culprits beyond toilet clogs.

You might think, “It’s just toilet paper…isn’t it supposed to dissolve?” It does dissolve, but not right away.

What's In This Guide?

      So let’s help you learn how to dissolve that paper clog. Here are three ways:

      1. Try a Plunger To Dissolve the Toilet Paper Clog

      The humble toilet plunger is your first line of defense against a clogged toilet. This will break up the toilet paper clog 90% of the time.

      Step 1: Let the TP “sit” for at least 30 minutes or so. It will begin to break down as it sits in the water.

      Step 2: Ensure the rubber part of the toilet plunger completely covers the hole in the bottom of your bowl for maximum suction. And, make sure there is water covering the plunger. Not enough water? No problem, pour some in using a cup from the sink.

      Step 3: Pump vigorously but carefully, pushing down for the suction pressure to break up the toilet paper clog. Be careful to avoid splashes and potential messes. Tip: Close your mouth!

      Don’t try flushing until you see the water go down or hear a “gurgle” signaling the clog was broken up.

      If you’re not seeing progress after several attempts, it’s usually best to stop and use another technique. A stubborn blockage may require more advanced tools or techniques.

      This assumes you have a decent plunger. We recommend one that looks like this.

      2. Dissolve a Toilet Paper Clog With a Drain Cleaner

      If you’re dealing with a stubborn toilet paper clog and the plunger didn’t work, don’t panic. OK, of course, you’re going to panic, the toilet is about to overflow…But you can dissolve that clog.

      Let the water “settle” before your second attempt. It will slowly go down the drain (at least a little) as it sits there. 

      Now, try some powerful drain cleaner to break up that toilet paper clog.

      The best drain cleaner for such situations is one that’s powerful yet safe for your pipes and septic system.

      A top pick among homeowners is Green Gobbler

      This eco-friendly drain cleaning gobbler is designed to break down even the toughest of blockages in your toilet drain. Think of it as your very own professional plumber.

      It can dissolve even the toughest of clogs caused by excess toilet paper, plus any hair or grease build-up in your drains. And, it’s safe for all pipes, sewers, septic tanks, and leach fields.

      It’s very good for any clogged drain in your house, including sinks. And it’s safe for your plumbing system.

      In fact, you should consider always keeping some in your cabinet along with other cleaning stuff. You can stock 3 or 4 bottles in advance, so you won’t have the hassle of going to the hardware store every time you need it. Get the two pack, here.

      Apply Drain Cleaner to Dissolve that Toilet Paper Clog

      The directions will be on the bottle. But simply…

      1. Pour in one half of the bottle. (It’s designed to give you 2 uses per bottle.)

      2. Let the product sit for at least 30 minutes, but ideally longer. 

      3. Pour in hot water. Do this slowly, especially if the water level is still elevated. Also, be careful not to burn yourself. 

      Test before flushing: Consider plunging it again, but be careful not to splash any product in your eyes. Put on safety glasses first.

      This is not always an immediate fix, but the hot water combined with the solution will break down that paper clog much quicker than if left on its own. 

      While this method may not work on all types of clogs, it’s certainly worth trying before calling in professional help.

      So next time you find yourself facing an obstinate toilet paper jam remember – don’t panic; reach out for some green gobbler assistance instead.

      Next up on our list: how about some manual methods? Let’s look at some handy tools like a toilet snake.

      3. Use a Toilet Snake to Dissolve a Toilet Paper Clog

      If your toilet bowl is partially clogged with tissue or toilet paper, one of the classic bathroom tools you can use is a “snake”. These are also called augers, and there are different types. 

      Most will work, but some can cause damage such as powerful electric snakes. Make sure you use one labeled or rated as a plumbing snake for toilets.

      This tool works wonders when it comes to removing stubborn clogs, whether you have a regular toilet, a low-flow toilet, a city sewer line, or a septic tank.

      It’s also especially helpful when you’re in a hurry or someone is waiting to use the toilet. 

      Here are the steps to dissolving toilet paper clogs using a snake:

      -Insert The Snake

      You start by standing in front of your toilet seat. Next, carefully lower the head of this flexible metal rod into your toilet until it rests against the bottom.

      -Work Through The Clog

      Gently rotate the cable while applying slight pressure downward. This helps break up excessive amounts of toilet tissue that may be causing blockage within pipes.

      This toilet auger works best when you apply gentle pressure. Let the tool do the work unclogging that sewer pipe. Don’t force it, as it can be difficult to turn corners.

      -Recoil and Flush

      Pull the cable out slowly after feeling some give on the obstruction; then see if the water flows freely again without backing up onto the floor. The auger should do the trick. If it doesn’t work the first time, repeat the above.

      Bonus DIY Hack: Try Using Dishsoap to Break Up TP Clogs

      Can you really use dish soap to dissolve toilet paper clogs in your toilet?

      Absolutely! It may sound peculiar, but a household item as simple as dish soap can be your secret weapon to resolve the notorious toilet paper clogs. 

      So, how does it work? Let’s dive in! 

      The concept revolves around soap’s inherent capability to dissolve fats. Just like they eradicate grease from your dishes, it can soften and dissolve toilet paper that clusters together and causes a blockage in your toilet pipeline. 

      The Process of Using Dish Soap to Dissolve Toilet Paper Clogs

      So, are you set to wage war against those persistent toilet paper clogs lurking in your toilet with just a bottle of dish soap? Here’s your perfect battle plan: 

      1. Start by pouring a half cup of dish soap into the toilet bowl.
      2. Give it time to sink to the bottom and interact with the clog. You ought to wait for about 20-30 minutes to let the soap work its magic.
      3. Once that’s done, follow it with hot (but not boiling) water. Pour it from a height of 12-24 inches to generate pressure. But remember, safety first!
      4. Finally, use your plunger again. Does it seem like it has loosened? 
      5. Give it a flush. Your clog should be substantially reduced if not entirely gone.

      Precautions When Using Dish Soap on TP Clogs

      Please note that while this technique can be effective, it’s not a guaranteed solution for all clogs. 

      Additionally, remember not to substitute dish soap with other substances, like body wash or shampoo, which won’t share the same effectiveness on toilet paper clogs. 

      And importantly, overuse of dish soap can lead to other plumbing issues, so use this method sparingly. 

      Identifying a Toilet Paper Clog: Is This the Problem?

      If your toilet isn’t flushing properly, you might just be dealing with a pesky toilet paper clog.

      But how can you tell if it’s toilet paper vs. something else?

      In general, you can’t tell for certain. But a telltale sign might be toilet paper sticking up from the bottom of the bowl. 

      But whatever the specific cause of the toilet clogging, the above techniques will work regardless. Unless it’s a main line clog

      The Best Way to Dissolve Toilet Paper Clogs – Prevention

      When considering how to avoid blockages in your toilet, the kind of toilet tissue you choose is key.

      Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper, for instance, is specifically designed for RVs and boats but works wonders in regular toilets too. It breaks down four times faster than traditional TP options.

      If you prefer something softer yet effective, consider Charmin Ultra Soft is the best.

      This brand offers a plush feel without compromising on quick disintegration.

      In essence, look out for brands labeled as ‘septic safe’, ‘rapid dissolve’, or similar terms indicating they break down easily after flushing. 

      Last but not least, use less toilet paper. This is a major problem with kids, as they like to use way more than is necessary. 

      I know that’s not always so easy to monitor kids, but a toilet, for all its great design, can only handle so much.

      Want even more prevention against toilet paper clogs? Here’s a great option to reduce toilet paper use altogether. It’s called a bidet converter kit.

      Recap On How To Dissolve Stubborn Toilet Paper Clogs 

      Now that you have the power of knowledge in hand, dissolving a toilet paper clog doesn’t have to be a major life crisis. 

      By equipping yourself with tools like plungers and toilet snakes, and not forgetting powerful allies such as Green Gobbler, you can get that toilet flowing again without calling a plumber.

      The best way to dissolve a toilet clog is of course avoid one in the first place. By using a “less clogging” brand of toilet paper, and by using less when you go, you will minimize the risk of a clog forming. 

      Of course, plumbing issues extend beyond just toilet paper clogs – they can be complex beasts indeed! But don’t fret; we’ve got your back here at Plumbing Nav.

      If you want more insights for resolving common home plumbing challenges or need guidance on cost-effective repairs or the best plumbing products, consider exploring our website further

      At Plumbing Nav, we make navigating through your plumbing questions easier than ever before. 

      Dive in today and discover the hidden DIY plumber hiding inside you. You can do it! And Plumbing Nav is here to help.

      FAQs in Relation to How to Dissolve toilet Paper Clog

      Will a Toilet Paper Clog Eventually Dissolve?

      The answer is yes, but it depends on the type and amount of toilet paper used. It could take 1-2 days before it unclogs itself if the toilet paper clog is extra thick. 

      How quickly does toilet paper disintegrate?

      This can differ significantly depending on elements like the temperature of the water and how quickly it is flowing. Also, the brand and type of toilet paper will impact how quickly it disintegrates. Be sure to look for rapid-dissolve paper.

      Does Hot Water Dissolve Toilet Paper Faster?

      Yes, hot water will dissolve toilet paper faster. But it’s not a quick fix. The best is to avoid the clog in the first place by using less paper.

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