Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner Review (2021 Edition)

Last Updated On November 30, 2021
liquid fire drain cleaner review

Whether you need to unclog a drain filled with toothpaste, clay mask, hair, or grease, when you have a drain clog, you need a product that will work and work quickly. 

With an impressive rating on Amazon, you may consider buying Liquid Fire drain cleaner to clean a clog in your home. However, will it work for your needs? We do the research for you in this detailed review of Liquid Fire drain cleaner. 

In this PlumbingNav review, we cover:

  • Pros and cons of Liquid Fire drain cleaner
  • Key features of Liquid Fire drain cleaner
  • Review of Liquid Fire drain cleaner
  • How Liquid Fire drain cleaner compares with the competition

What's In This Guide?

      What Are The Pros And Cons Of Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner?

      Advantages of Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner 

      Works in Multiple Parts of your Home

      You can use Liquid Fire drain cleaner in a wide range of locations, including:

      • Bathroom sink
      • Kitchen sink
      • Tub/shower
      • Septic tank
      • Septic laterals

      Works Quickly 

      This caustic cleaner works in as little as 15 minutes, making it a great option for an emergency blockage that requires immediate attention. 

      Do not leave the material in your drain for longer than 30 minutes, or it will be more likely to damage your plumbing. 

      Disadvantages of Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner 

      Not Appropriate For All Of Your Plumbing 

      You do not want to use this product to break up debris in cast iron pipes, your septic system, or garbage disposal. It also isn’t safe to fix a toilet clog, since acidic cleaners can eat at the wax seal around your toilet, creating a toilet leak. A toilet leak can lead to higher water waste and possible water damage in your bathroom. 

      Contains Sulfuric Acid 

      Sulfuric acid may eat at clogs, but it also may damage your plumbing. You also probably want to wear gloves and goggles and keep the product out of the hands of children and pets to minimize the possibility of chemical drain cleaner poisoning

      did you know liquid fire drain cleaner review

      What Are The Key Features Of Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner?

      Highly Effective Acidic Drain Cleaner

      This sulfuric acid drain cleaner can eat at a wide range of different types of clogs thanks to its power. However, this power can cause the deterioration of your plumbing system, especially if not used exactly as directed. If this concerns you, consider a natural enzyme drain cleaning alternative.

      Easy to Use

      As a liquid drain cleaner, Liquid Fire is easy to use. Simply pour the cleaner down the clogged drain or slow drain. After 15 – 30 minutes, rinse with cool water for free running drains. 

      Our Review Of Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner

      Reputable Company/Customer Service

      If you do run into an issue or have a question, feel free to reach out to the company’s customer service line during regular business hours. However, don’t expect them to pay for damage to your pipes, especially if you don’t use the product as instructed. 

      Manufacturing Process

      Liquid Fire manufactures its products in highly monitored and safe warehouses by employees trained on how to handle the product safely. Once purchased, you cannot return the product. 

      Ease of Use

      Liquid Fire is easy to use as a liquid drain cleaner. After you pour the cleanser down the desired drain, rinse it with water. 

      You won’t need to mix anything like you would if you made a homemade mixture from baking soda and vinegar or a powder commercial drain cleaners.

      Safety Issues

      Since sulfuric acid is one of the main ingredients in Liquid Fire, there are certain safety precautions you may want to take in order to prevent harm to yourself or your plumbing. You don’t want to leave it in your PVC pipes too long.

      For example, store the cleaner, and all cleaners, safely out of the reach of children and pets. 

      When you do use the drain cleaner, use the proper protective equipment and follow instructions precisely. 

      Overall Effectiveness

      While extremely effective, you need to be careful not to allow the acid to negatively impact your plumbing pipes. Always follow the directions and diagnose the problem correctly to ensure you don’t cause more damage than good.

      How Does Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner Compare Against Competitors?

      Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner vs Drano

      Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner and Drano work about as effectively as each other, with Liquid Fire taking a marginal lead. However, Drano is safer for your pipes than Liquid Fire. See this post for our Drano Max review.

      Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner vs Green Gobbler

      Liquid Fire is a caustic drain cleaner, while Green Gobbler uses safer ingredients that won’t damage any of your plumbing. However, an enzymatic drain cleaner costs significantly more, and they don’t work as well as a product like Liquid Fire that uses harsh chemicals. We still like it as a safe and environmental option if your clog isn’t too serious. See this article for our full Green Gobbler review.

      The Bottom Line On Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner

      When you need to break up clogs, such as soap scum or grease, you need a chemical drain cleaner like Liquid Fire. It will eat at whatever is causing your clogged drain, but be careful to use it according to the directions. 

      FAQs for Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner

      Does Liquid Fire Drain Cleaner work?

      Liquid Fire drain opener works as well as Drano products, thanks to using sulfuric acid as the main ingredient. 

      Is Liquid Fire safe for drains?

      You can not use Liquid Fire with cast iron pipes, your septic tank, or a full toilet bowl. 

      How long to leave Liquid Fire in drains?

      Leave Liquid Fire in your drain for 15 – 30 minutes (no longer!), then fully rinse out of your plumbing.

      What is the strongest liquid drain cleaner?

      Liquid Fire proves to be one of the strongest liquid drain cleaners on the market. Drano follows at a close second.

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