How to Keep Shower Curtain From Blowing In

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How to Keep Shower Curtain From Blowing In

Does your shower curtain keep blowing in on you? A moving shower curtain can be a frustrating experience. It can also create mold and mildew buildup, or allow water to damage the floor in your bathroom. 

You can take action to prevent the shower curtain from blowing in if you notice it happening to you on a regular basis. Here are some pro tips!

In this PlumbingNav guide, we will cover:

  • Why does my shower curtain blow in while I shower?
  • Hot to keep your shower curtain from blowing in every time
  • Best shower curtain hacks, tips and weights

What's In This Guide?

      Why Does My Shower Curtain “Blow In” While I Shower?

      Most of us enjoy hot showers, and hot air rises (especially in a shower where the hot air has nowhere else to go). There is actually some science behind this “the shower curtain effect!” 

      When the hot air rises, it leaves the lower portion of your shower without as much air as the top area of your shower. 

      To keep air levels equal, air will flow in from the dense pressure levels outside of the shower to fill in the empty space, causing your shower curtain to move. This is especially true if you use a light, plastic shower curtain. It can take liftoff!

      Why does this still happen to you when you take a cold water shower, though?

      Rushing water from your shower head may also lower the air pressure levels around it, creating the same effect without the heat. 

      When the shower curtain blows in on you, it not only disrupts your shower vibe, but it can also allow water to spray outside of the shower and drench everything in your bathroom. No good!

      If floors and cabinets in your bathroom absorb the moisture, it can create a breeding ground for mold and mildew, which can create dangerous conditions and make your bathroom less aesthetically appealing. 

      Excessive moisture may even cause damage to your electronics, such as your hair dryer. Btw, you should always follow basic hair dryer safety by keeping hair dryers unplugged when not in use and only using hairdryers with immersion protection.

      To get the most out of shower head control, find the right type of shower head using our review of the best shower faucets.

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      How To Keep Your Shower Curtain From Blowing In 

      One way to possibly keep your shower curtain from blowing in is to use warm water instead of hot water. However, who actually wants that? Plus, as we mentioned, the problem may still occur, even if you don’t take a hot shower. 

      Try these methods instead for a more effective solution if you want to keep your shower routine the same. 

      Secure Shower Curtains

      To prevent your shower curtain from blowing in, start with a secure shower curtain. 

      It starts with a sturdy shower curtain rod. The different types of curtain rods available include:

      • Fixed curtain rod
      • Adjustable curtain rod
      • Straight curtain rod
      • Curved rod
      • Tension rods

      FIxed shower curtain rods provide more strength than adjustable shower curtain rods, which may come in handy if you have a heavy shower curtain. 

      A curved shower rod keeps the shower curtain in place better while also providing you with more shower space. 

      Most people use both a shower liner and a shower curtain joined by curtain hooks. Choosing a sturdy rod will help support the overall heavier curtain weight.

      Shower curtains are usually made from vinyl or cotton. Vinyl repels water, but it moves more easily. A fabric shower curtain will absorb moisture, so you will need an especially heavy shower liner. Ok, let’s get into some actual solutions…

      Clothes Pins

      On a tight budget, and don’t care about appearances? You can use clothes pins to hold your shower curtain in place. These makeshift curtain clips are usually on hand, and can provide the extra weight needed.

      Use two clothespins on each end of your shower curtain. 

      Clothespins work well since you can place them and remove them rather easily. However, you will need to clip them in place them every time you take a shower. 

      Suction Cups

      Get shower liner hooks that come with suction cups attached to the end hooks. 

      The suction cups attach to the shower wall so that the shower liner stays in place. 

      Unfortunately, the suction cups don’t work as effectively for the bottom of the shower curtain in certain tubs. Also, may also they require curved shower rods to create the right “enclosure” so water doesn’t escape from the sides. If you have a clawfoot tub, you might have a hard time getting a tight suction.

      Shower Curtain Weights

      Shower weights are weights specifically designed to keep your shower curtains from blowing into your shower. 

      The weights work using magnets, and work very well.

      You put one weight on one side of the shower curtain and the corresponding weight on the other side of the shower curtain. 

      You can apply as many weights across the shower curtain as you want. You probably only need a set at one end and the other, essentially creating a weighted curtain.

      You can keep the weights in place permanently so that you don’t need to secure the shower curtain every day. However, they may fall from time to time. 

      Shower curtain weights come in numerous materials, including silicone and stainless steel. You will most commonly find packages of three, four, and six. 

      Many shower curtains come with weights already attached to them. Here are the best options that we like if you need to add them.

      Best Shower Curtain Weights

      1. BoomBa Magnetic Shower Curtain Weights (4 pack)
      2. N&Y Home Magenetic Shower Curtain Weights (3 pack)
      3. YANC Magnetic Stainless Steel Magnetic Shower Curtain Weights (6 pack)
      4. Barossa Magnetic Shower Curtain Weights (4 pack)
      5. Jetec Magnetic Curtain Weights (6 pack)

      FAQs For how to Keep Shower Curtains From Blowing In

      Why does my shower curtain liner blow in?

      Heat and water flow create a variation of pressure in the shower. 

      When the air is more dense outside of the shower, it will blow air inside the shower, bringing the shower curtain with it. 

      How do I stop my shower curtain from blowing in?

      We suggest shower curtain weights to keep your shower curtain in place, but you have a couple of methods you can choose from, including:

      • Shower curtain weights
      • Shower clips
      • Suction cup shower hooks

      What can I use to weigh down the shower curtain?

      You can use shower curtain weights to weigh your shower curtain down. You can also buy a weighted shower curtain that comes with weights installed into it. 

      How to keep shower curtain from blowing in fiberglass shower stall?

      Fiberglass material is easy to clean, so many people use fiberglass in shower stall construction. To avoid damaging the material, you may benefit from using a suction cup to keep your shower curtain from moving while you take a shower. 

      How to keep shower curtain from blowing in with clothespins?

      To use clothespins to keep a shower curtain from blowing, you will attach clothespins on either end of the shower curtain and liner. 

      Use two clothes pins at different heights on either side of your shower curtain. 

      What causes shower curtain cling?

      Shower curtain cling is caused by static, and is more common when using a low quality plastic shower curtain liner.

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