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how to remove faucet handle without screws

Do you need to remove a faucet but you don’t see any screws? Many faucets attach without screws for easy installation and removal (once you learn how to do it). 

Before you find yourself looking at your bathtub or kitchen faucet with a confused look on your face, use our guide on how to remove a faucet handle without screws

In this PlumbingNav guide, we will cover:

  • What you need to know about how to remove a faucet handle without screws
  • Supplies you’ll need for removing a faucet handle without screws
  • How to remove a sink faucet handle without screws (5 Steps)

What's In This Guide?

      What You Need To Know About How To Remove A Faucet Handle Without Screws

      Parts of a Faucet 

      It can be useful to understand the different parts of a bathroom faucet before you remove one. 

      The common parts of a faucet include:

      • Faucet lever – the handle that allows you to activate the faucet and change the temperature
      • Faucet body – the main exterior portion of your faucet that produces the water
      • Spout – where the water expels from the faucet body
      • Spout o-ring – rubber circles that create a watertight seal and prevent kitchen sink leaks
      • Aerator – device on the spout that controls the stream of water and manages water flow rate, reducing water waste
      • Cartridge – valve that controls water flow and allows for simple repair

      In a hurry, and need help in the kitchen?

      Watch this if you need to remove your kitchen faucet.

      Supplies You’ll Need For Removing A Bathroom Faucet Handle Without Screws

      Flathead Screwdriver

      Just because there are no screws, that doesn’t mean you won’t need a screwdriver. You will need a medium-sized flat head screwdriver (not a Phillips screwdriver). 


      You will need pliers to handle small screws and components inside your faucet. While the handle may not have screws in the outside construction, it may have screws inside. 

      Allen Wrench

      An Allen wrench is a special tool designed to release items connected using an Allen key. Some people will use a hex wrench or a basin wrench.

      did you know how to remove faucet handle without screws

      How To Remove Faucet Handle Without Screws (5 Steps)

      Step 1: Turn Off Water

      Before working on your faucet, you should always turn off the water to the specific fixture. To do this, locate the shut-off valve attached to your sink. In most cases, you will find it underneath the sink in the cabinet. 

      Step 2: Pop Open Handle

      Next, you will need to pop open the cap on the faucet handle. You should be able to use your flathead screwdriver to do this. 

      If working with double handles, you will need to rotate the base of the handle counterclockwise until it pops off. 

      Step 3: Remove Set Screw

      There will be a small screw underneath the handle. In order to remove the screw, you will need to use your pliers to get a decent grip on it. 

      Since the screws are so small, it’s important to ensure that you don’t lose the screw. 

      In some cases, you may encounter an Allen key instead of a screw. In this case, you will need an Allen wrench to completely remove the handle. 

      Step 4: Pull Off the Handle

      At this point, you should be able to pull the handle off of the faucet. You may need to use a little muscle, so be careful not to damage your handle (or yourself). 

      Step 5: Replace Cartridge

      While you have your faucet handle off, you should use this opportunity to replace your cartridge, especially if you haven’t replaced it in a long time. 

      Most cartridges last up to 15 years, but a new cartridge can prolong the life of your faucet. 

      Reasons to Remove a Faucet or Shower Handle Without Screws

      There are a number of reasons that you may want to remove a faucet handle. 

      #1: Replace Faucet Handle

      If you want to replace your current faucet handle, you will need to remove the old one. The main reasons to replace faucet handles are to change the appearance and to resolve a leak

      #2: To Clean the Handle

      You can remove the handle to deep clean it with vinegar or a gentle degreaser. 

      #3: Change Faulty Components

      Your faucet’s handle has several components, such as the o-ring and cartridge. When you remove the handle, you have easy access to any faulty components. You can change out the damaged part instead of replacing the entire faucet. 

      #4:  Inspect Cause of Leaks

      When you have a kitchen sink leak at the faucet, you should resolve it as quickly as possible. Even pinhole leaks can lead to significant water waste, increasing your water bill. 

      Final Thoughts on How to Remove Faucet Handle

      Whether you are talking about a shower faucet, bathroom sink faucet, or kitchen faucet handle, you can remove a screwless faucet with the help of a little know-how and an adjustable wrench. 

      FAQs For How To Remove Faucet Handle Without Screws

      How do you remove a screwless faucet handle?

      You will use a screwdriver to remove the cap and then remove the screw or Allen lock on the inside using the appropriate tool. 

      How do you remove old faucet handles?

      You can remove old faucet handles with an Allen wrench. 

      How do you remove different faucet handles?

      You will remove different faucet handles based on the internal screw used to connect the faucet to the sink. 

      How do you remove shower knobs without screws?

      Shower knobs without screws can be removed with a flathead screwdriver.

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