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Connect with an experienced plumber in Charlotte who can tackle any and every plumbing repair you’re facing. Whether it’s water heater repair, drain cleaning, toilet clogs, faucet repair, or a leaky pipe, we’ve got you covered. Call today for pricing and available service appointments.

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We understand that your plumbing issue might be urgent. Call to connect with a Charlotte plumbing company right now that offers after-hours emergency service.

Plumbing emergencies and leaking water can’t wait. You shouldn’t have to wait for a Charlotte plumber to show up to fix your problem. 

Call now for immediate and after hours plumbing help!

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An experienced plumber in Charlotte can handle any plumbing need you’re facing. This includes things like resolving clogged drains, routine, drain cleaning, toilet repair, slab leak detection, new water heater installation, tankless water heater repair, or installing a new garbage disposal or plumbing fixture. Whatever the need, your plumbing system will be back to normal in no time.

There is no plumbing problem too big or small, reach out today to connect with a pro who can fix it fast.


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Find a Licensed Plumbing Contractor

Plumbing Contractor in Charlotte

Some plumbing repairs require a licensed plumbing contractor to perform the work. This includes water heater repair, gas line work, slab leak repairs, trenchless sewer line repairs, water lines, and more.

Using a licensed plumbing contractor in Charlotte not only ensures quality plumbing repairs are done right, but it is also required by law. 

Reach out to be connected with the right plumbing company today.

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Call to get help with a routine plumbing problem or get help with a plumbing emergency. Our goal is to connect you to fast service so you can resume your household routine!

Some leaks can lead to water cleanup or water damage, so don’t delay. Both residential and commercial plumbing services are available. 

Here are some of the plumbing repairs offered:

Drain Cleaning Services:

Get routine drain cleaning services to resolve clogged drains such as showers, sinks, bathtubs, and more. Veteran drain and rooter service professionals always say that drain cleaning is an art. That’s because it takes experience to deploy the right tools (plumbing snake or drain auger) for the job, as well as the ability to identify the real problem behind the blockage.

Sometimes a clogged drain results from a problem in the main line, so camera inspection is available to identify the root of the problem. 

If needed, hydro jetting service is available in Charlotte as well. A hot jetter can cut through tree roots in sewer lines, dissolve grease, and break up stubborn clogs to keep the problem from redeveloping. 

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair / CIPP: 

Sewer pipe repairs take place outside the home before your drain connects to the City of Charlotte sewer line.

Older sewer lines often break, corrode, deteriorate and require section repair. 

This used to mean extensive and expensive sewer repairs where the yard and often flower beds were dug up to access the pipe. 

Today, trenchless sewer pipe repair also known as CIPP (“cured-in-place”) technology is available. 

Trenchless pipe lining doesn’t require your yard to be dug up. Instead, an epoxy sleeve is blown through the old pipe making a “new pipe” inside. 

This saves time, money, and of course your yard when it comes to sewer line repairs. 

Water Heater Repair / Installation:

Every plumber in Charlotte knows that water heater repairs are a routine part of the job. While the average gas or electric water heater lasts 10-12 years, repairs are often required well before then. 

Tankless water heaters also need repairs, and without proper maintenance such as flushing, they will develop problems as well. 

Call for traditional gas or electric water heater repair and also tankless units. 

Our goal is to repair a water heater whenever possible, but installing a new water heater sometimes makes the most financial sense. 

Faucet, Fixture & Toilet Repairs

Every home will run into a clogged toilet or leaking faucet, it’s only a matter of time. 

Call a Charlotte plumber to make your life easier by fixing or replacing a toilet, and for stopping leaks in bathroom or kitchen sink faucets. 

A plumber can also help install new plumbing fixtures including shower heads and faucets for an updated look.

Water Line Repair

Charlotte water finds its way into your home through your water supply line. These lines run from the water meter at the street and connect to your home. 

Problems develop in older water lines, and any repairs needed on your side of the city of Charlotte water connection are your responsibility. 

We can help identify water line issues, and we also provide trenchless water line repair when required. 

This includes pipe bursting in order to keep your lawn and flower beds intact. 

Plumbing Emergencies:

Sometimes you need an emergency plumber for water leaks that occur after hours, or when a water heater stops working without notice. 

Reach out to get connected to a plumber fast to help with your plumbing emergency

Got Plumbing Questions?

Charlotte Plumbing FAQ’s

Here are some common questions people often ask when it comes to calling a Charlotte plumbing company.

Why are plumbers so hard to find?

It’s common for most Charlotte plumbing companies to staff a low overhead with a small team of plumbers. When it’s busy, or there is a weather emergency, it’s hard to find a plumber that’s not booked way out. There is also a shortage of trained and licensed plumbers in NC, so this makes it difficult for companies to increase their staff.

Why do some plumbers charge so much?

Plumbers charge more than handyman services because of overhead. State requirements such as liability insurance, workers comp, and company costs such as salaries, vehicles, supplies, and fuel mean that most plumbers must charge a “base price” minimum just to break even on a small job.

Smaller plumbing companies may not have staff or a fleet of vehicles, so they might charge less. However, a smaller staff means fewer available appointments during busy times.

Is it worth calling a plumber?

Some plumbing repairs require that you call a licensed plumber in Charlotte. This includes water heater installation, gas line service, sewer / water lines, and other permitted work. 

Smaller plumbing problems like a leaky faucet, clogged drain, or stuck garbage disposal might be resolved by DIY, but this depends on your skills. 

Should I call a plumber or do it myself?

As mentioned, this depends on the plumbing repair and your skills. Smaller items like a leaky faucet or toilet repair might be easily handled with tools on hand.

However, you should call a plumber for things like drain cleaning a main sewer line, tankless water heater gas lines, water heater repair, and anything else that demands experience and a plumbing license.

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