Why Is My Toilet Seat Turning Blue? Possible Reasons and Solutions

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Have you recently noticed blue stains on your toilet seat? You’re not alone. Blue stains occur for a number of different reasons. Identifying the cause can help you take the correct steps in resolving the issue. 

In this PlumbingNav guide, we will cover:

  • The facts about blue stains on your toilet seat
  • Why did my toilet seat turn blue?
  • Why am I turning my toilet seat blue? (other reason) 
  • How to get a blue stain off the toilet seat

What's In This Guide?

      Blue Stains On Toilet Seat: The Facts

      Standing water waits in both your toilet tank and toilet bowl until someone needs to use the facilities. We have previously discussed what causes blue toilet water, and since the toilet seat comes into such close contact with the toilet water, it’s no wonder that the toilet seat may turn blue as well. 

      But what if your toilet water is normal, but your seat is blue? Now we’re going to cover the most common causes of a blue toilet seat below.

      Why Did My Toilet Seat Turn Blue? Natural Causes

      There are a few possible natural reasons why your toilet seat is turning blue, including mold and water conditions.


      One possibility is that the blue stains are actually mold or mildew. This can happen if the seat is not cleaned regularly or if it is exposed to moisture frequently. 

      Mold grows best in warm, moist conditions. When you do experience mold development on your toilet seat, mold spores can lead to health problems for the people in your home, most alarmingly, respiratory disease. If this is the cause of your blue toilet seat, it’s best to simply buy a new one.

      Water Conditions

      Additionally, blue stains can occur from hard water and high rust levels in your water from corrosion. While hard water doesn’t contaminate your drinking water, rust in your water can be damaging. 

      Finally, water may turn blue if your water leeches copper from copper pipes. While not usually hazardous, consider having your water tested. If there is an issue, consider adding a whole house water filtration system for your health, not just because the water might stain your toilet seat.

      did you know Why Is My Toilet Seat Turning Blue

      Why Am I Turning My Toilet Seat Blue? (Other Reasons)

      Some of the ways you can turn your toilet seat blue yourself include cleaning products and oils/hormones emitting from your skin.

      Cleaning Products

      Many cleaning products for toilets, such as blue toilet tablets, contain blue dye that leads to blue toilet water. The blue dye works well, but it can lead to frustrating blue stains on the toilet seat if you aren’t careful. They are still popular, as some people love the fresh look and use these for how to make their toilet water blue on purpose.

      Natural Oils, Sweat, and Hormones

      To a small degree, your own natural body oils and hormones contribute to blue stains on your toilet seat. 

      Some people have a condition known as eccrine chromhidrosis, which means someone releases colored sweat from their sweat glands. While not always blue (sometimes the sweat can be red, purple, or green), blue sweat can stain your toilet seat. 

      Furthermore, pregnancy hormones in a woman can cause blue stains. The blue stain seems to be more associated with higher concentrations of testosterone in the pregnant woman, which can indicate that you are having a boy (although schedule an appointment with a registered nurse to learn the gender in a more technical way)! On top of the hormones, maternity jeans can rub off on a white toilet seat and leave a stain.

      These stains tend to be difficult to remove. However, your hormones will get back to normal after your pregnancy.

      You can cover the toilet seat before you use it. Alternatively, you can clean the toilet more frequently with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to prevent a blue ring. 🙂 

      How To Get Blue Stain Off Toilet Seat

      There are a couple of surefire ways to remove stains from your toilet seat safely. Watch the following video for an introduction to how to clean stubborn stains on your toilet seat:

      Method One: Vinegar and Baking Soda

      One of the most common solutions in homemade cleaning, a mixture of vinegar and baking soda creates a relatively gentle yet effective cleanser. For the best results, use the mixture as soon as they come into contact with each other and create a reaction.

      Method Two: Rubbing Alcohol 

      Rubbing alcohol can also help remove the blue stains. Allow the rubbing alcohol to soak up the stain for about 15 – 20 minutes. After the alcohol has time to absorb the material, wipe it up with a magic eraser or toilet brush.

      Method Three: Toilet Cleaners and Scrubbers

      When homemade solutions don’t work, consider using a high-strength toilet cleaner. Choose the right cleanser for the job, especially if you have a porcelain toilet seat. You don’t want the chemicals to eat at the material. Consider a stronger scrubber for these instances, once again taking the toilet material into consideration to not cause scratches.

      Side Note – While you may see information regarding using soda as a cleanser, we don’t recommend it. Learn more about how to clean brown stains out of the toilet bowl

      Method Four: New Color

      Ok, this one is more for “did you realize these exist?!” purposes. Did you know some people are upgrading their toilets to black, instead of white? It’s true. While not hugely popular outside of chic or modern bathrooms, blue stains are definitely not a problem. 

      FAQ: Blue Stains on Toilet Seats

      How do you get blue stains out of a toilet seat?

      The three best ways to get blue stains out of a toilet seat include:

      • Vinegar and baking soda
      • Alcohol
      • Chemical toilet cleaners

      Whatever solution you use, let it sit for about 15 – 20 minutes before wiping away the blue stains.

      Why is my toilet seat getting discolored?

      Your toilet seat may be fetting discolored for a number of reasons. In particular, the stains will develop as a result of blue toilet cleaners. However, the stains can also come from copper pipes, hard water, body oil, and sweat.

      Can being pregnant turn your toilet seat blue?

      Yes! Believe it or not, a blue stain on your toilet seat immediately after you get pregnant can indicate you have increased hormone levels. The lovely blue-purple hue maternity jeans don’t help, either.

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