How Do You Dry After Using A Bidet?

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how do you dry after using a bidet

“Great, I just tried my new bidet. Now what do I do about my wet bum?”

Good question, and we have the answer! It’s simple really. By the end of this article, you will be able to confidently answer the question: “How do you dry after using a bidet?

What's In This Guide?

      How do most people dry off after using a bidet?

      The primary purpose of a bidet is to clean yourself with water instead of relying solely on toilet paper. 

      Think of it this way. When you get dirt on your hands, you don’t wipe them on a towel (at least not usually). You wash them in water, then use a towel to dry them off. 

      That’s the same idea with a bidet. Water first; then dry. 

      Here’s how people typically dry off after using a bidet:

      • Towel drying: Some people prefer having dedicated towels near their bidets for patting themselves dry after use. This method is eco-friendly and cost-effective since you can wash and reuse these towels multiple times.
      • Toilet paper drying: Others might opt for wiping gently with gentle toilet paper, as it’s more familiar than towel-drying.
      • Air drying: For those who have access to electric or smart toilets with built-in air dryers, air drying becomes an efficient option without needing additional materials like toilet tissue or a paper towel.
      • Most people use a combination of toilet paper and air drying after using a bidet toilet. 

      Key Takeaway: 

      The different ways people dry themselves after using a bidet include towel drying, toilet paper drying, and air drying. 

      Here’s a List of Some Common Bidet Drying Options:

      • Towels: Remember, just like washing and drying your hands, you’re not wiping yourself with the towel, that’s what the water spray is for. After the bidet cleans your rear end, you then grab the towel for drying. Using a clean, soft towel designated for personal use (preferably one made from an absorbent material such as cotton), gently pat yourself dry. Don’t flush them!
      • Toilet paper: This works well. Opting for high-quality toilet paper will provide better absorption. Gently pat your intimate area until you feel sufficiently dry. Be sure not to rub too hard as this can cause irritation.
      • Air Dry: Simple and natural but takes more time. You can always work on your dance moves while waiting. Some call this the “Shake it Off” method.
      • Air dryers: A modern bidet might come equipped with a built-in warm air dryer. An electric bidet has many interesting features, including a heated seat. Here are two types:
      1. Built-In Air Dryer: If your bidet has this feature, simply activate it by pressing the corresponding button on your remote control or side panel following the rinse cycle; warm air will then be directed towards your intimate area, effectively drying it within a few minutes.
      2. Stand-Alone Air Dryer: In the absence of a built-in air dryer, you can still achieve hands-free drying by using a separate electric air dryer specifically designed for this purpose. These devices are typically mounted on the wall near your bidet and operate similarly to hand dryers found in public restrooms.

      Key Takeaway: 

      After using a bidet, it is important to dry off for cleanliness and comfort. The most common drying methods are wiping with toilet paper or a towel, or utilizing an air dryer if available. 

      Maintain Personal Hygiene After Using the Bidet

      Here are some tips on how to maintain cleanliness during this process:

      Wash Your Hands

      Always wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after using the toilet and/or bidet. 

      Even when you let the bidet do all the work, you should still wash your hands. This will help prevent the spread of germs. 

      Change Bidet Towels Regularly

      • Ensure your towel is clean prior to each use. Replace towels every few days or more frequently if they become soiled.
      • If multiple people share a bathroom, consider assigning individual towels for personal use only.
      • To keep towels fresh between uses, hang them up in an area with good air circulation so they can dry properly.

      Do You Wipe Before or After Using a Bidet Sprayer?

      To Wipe or Not to Wipe – Before or After: The Pros and Cons

      • Wiping Before Bidet Use: Some people prefer wiping with toilet paper before using the bidet spray wash as it removes most solid waste, allowing the bidet spray to focus on cleaning more thoroughly. 
      • Wiping After Bidet Use: Others choose to use the bidet first for its primary cleansing function then follow up with toilet paper for drying purposes only. By doing so, they minimize irritation caused by excessive rubbing against sensitive skin.

      Incorporating a bidet into your bathroom routine can significantly improve personal hygiene while reducing toilet paper waste. Whichever way you decide works best, you’re already ahead of the game by using a bidet.

      Here’s a video offering a non-scientific experiment on which works best. If nothing else, you might find it amusing.

      Bidet + Toilet Paper Wipe FTW!

      Key Takeaway: 

      Deciding whether to wipe before or after depends on personal preference and comfort level.

      And Now We’ve Reached the Bottom of This Article 

      Whichever way works best for you, drying off after using a bidet is simple and easy. So there’s no reason to hold off on getting a bidet for yourself, or trying one out next time you have the opportunity. 

      It’s important to maintain personal hygiene, and a bidet is a great way to do that. Oh, and btw…some bidet techniques vary depending upon if you’re a woman, or a man. Check out those linked posts for more details, and also this one for the best bidet kit reviews. 😉

      FAQ’s On How Do You Dry after Using a Bidet

      Do you need to dry off after using a bidet?

      Yes, after using the cleaning feature of a bidet, you will have a wet bottom. So you will need to dry off. 

      What is the best way to wipe after using a bidet?

      The best way to wipe after using a bidet is by gently patting dry with toilet paper or a clean, reusable towel. This helps remove any remaining moisture without causing irritation.

      Is there a downside to using a bidet?

      Not really. They may not work for everyone, but bidets are considered more hygienic and environmentally friendly than traditional wiping methods. 

      How long does it take to dry on a bidet?

      Drying time depends on the type of drying method used. If you’re air-drying naturally or patting dry with toilet paper or towel, it may take 30 seconds to 1 minute. For electric models with built-in warm air dryer features, drying can take around 2-4 minutes.

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